Murray 24 in. Rear Engine Riding Mower with Mulch Kit - 551814143

Murray 24 in. Rear Engine Riding Mower with Mulch Kit - Specifications

Murray 24 in Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower with Mulch Kit:
Best for small-to-large sized yards up to 1 acre with flat terrain
High-performance Briggs & Stratton 190cc Professional Series Engine
Simple on and off switch for easy starting
Convenient 6-speed shift-on-the-go transmission, lets you choose the pace without stopping
Comfortable steering column with 18 in turning radius for easy maneuvering around landscaping
Oil drain tube for easy yearly maintenance
Included mulch kit helps put nutrients back into the soil.
2-year limited warranty
Model Number: 13B326JC758
Model number: 551814143
Category: Gas Lawn Mowers
Brand: Murray
Availability: in stock
Product id: 29558093
Price: 1099

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Murray 24 in. Rear Engine Riding Mower with Mulch Kit 551814143 - Product description

Get the power of a riding lawn mower in a compact size with this Murray 24\" Gas-Powered Lawn Mower. Its straight-forward design offers easy-to-reach controls and a convenient six-speed shift on-the-go drive system. With its 24\" deck, this Murray lawn mower is easy to store in a shed or garage. Its telescopic steering column is designed to make tight turns easily. A built-in oil drain tube helps make maintenance of this rear engine riding lawn mower easy. The included mulch kit allows you to grind up grass as you cut it, and the 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine provides plenty of cutting power even when dealing with longer grass and weeds. This unique gas-powered lawn mower comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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Bought to mow a gently sloping 3/4 acre. Pros: Easy assembly, started right up, well-suited for smaller yards. PTO (blade) engagement is as gentle as any I've used, no bogging down. Same goes for the transit speeds: can shift-on-the-fly with clutch/brake pedal half-way down. Very comfy and user friendly. Light weight so you can push it easily without starting. I am 6'4\
When I first saw the lawn mower I came close to changing my mind. After going ahead and making the purchase; I found that it was a very good decision. Our last Murray lawn mower, was twice the size of this economy model, maneuvering around the yard was difficult and many flowers were lost due to the tightness of the pathways. This mower made all of the turns and the hurdles of the past were easily cut around. This was definitely a great deal, I just wish it had a headlight so I could use it after dark.
I really thought that this would be a good mower for my purposes. It was for the first time I used it. As soon as I put my second tank of gas in, it would not start, at all. I put a trickle charger on it, but the battery was fine. So I found out that the larger (20 amp) fuse was burned out. So I replaced it. While not difficult to replace, you have to take alot of things apart on the unit to access it. (removed the seat, removed the gromets, removed the handle of the shifter so that you can remove the plastic housing, unhook the battery and unhook the ignition cable. Again, while not hard, just time consuming. So again, replaced the fuse, was able to start it once, but it conked out and fuse was blown again. Went through the same process, taking everything apart, and putting back together.

Finally I've called tech support and they're sending me some sort of relay cable that that they think might be bad. Supposed to be here in 5-7 days. It's 7 days now. So, here I am with grass growing and have only been able to use it once in the three weeks that I've owned. it.
The mower has a small fuel tank and after running out of gas a few times the engine is nearly impossible to restart without putting gas directly into the cylinder to get it to fire up and start. I believe the problem is priming the fuel pump on this Briggs engine. I wish that the engine had a fuel line squeeze ball or finger push primer. Its nearly impossible to drain oil so you must purchase an oil vacuum pump. Also some sort of hitch would have been nice. I found that you cannot go into reverse while cutting blade is engaged, the engine will stall out This mower was advertised as shift on the go but the manual strictly forbids this action. The operation levers are awkward but I'm learning. On the good side the engine has all the power I need as I weigh 300 lbs and cuts without strain, turn radius is good and enjoyable overall to operate. This is our first rider of any kind. We are now retired and this machine makes a world of difference in our lawn care needs for its size.
My father purchased this mower and he really enjoys it! But he wanted a mulching kit. So after a lot of phone calls to Murray and many Google searches I found a mulch kit model number 19A30015000 which is currently (12/2013) available from Murray at 1-800-828-5500 for $30 plus shipping. I don't know if Walmart carries this kit, but wanted to share this information for anyone looking for a mulch kit for this model.

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